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The construction market is the most effervescent sector of activity and it has major development perspectives, due to the economic climate and increasing investments in Romania. The construction dynamics is also reflected in the dynamics of the industry of building materials. The raised technical floor is among the most modern and most efficient products used by architects in all types of building projects (office buildings, medical centers, hospitals, education institutions, sports halls, hotels, motels, shopping centers, industrial halls, storage facilities, etc.), but also in major building projects, executed in virtue of international exigencies, emphasizing quality architecture. Company Quattro Pavimente Tehnice is the only Romanian manufacturer of complete systems of raised technical floors that offers functionality, flexibility, ingenuity, novelty and personality to operational spaces with reduced, average or intense traffic.

The variety of finishing assortments is impressive:

  1. Raised technical floor with natural wood finishing (various essences);
  2. Raised technical floor with antistatic plastic rolled product finishing;
  3. Raised technical floor with PVC finishing;
  4. Raised technical floor with ceramic sandstone finishing;
  5. Raised technical floor with granite finishing;
  6. Raised technical floor with marble finishing;
  7. Raised technical floor with linoleum finishing;
  8. Raised technical floor with rubber finishing;
  9. Raised technical floor with moquette finishing;
  10. Raised technical floor with aluminum finishing;
  11. Raised technical floor with zinc-coated metal sheet finishing.

Users benefit from a major set of advantages, such as:

  1. Raised technical floors facilitate the mounting of all installations and the positioning of their route;
  2. Raised technical floors allow access to the supply networks laid underneath (electrical, data, lighting, fluid, telephone networks, etc.);
  3. Raised technical floors provide the possibility for immediate use as a treading surface;
  4. Raised technical floors provide excellent resistance to abrasion, scratches, impact and pressure;
  5. Raised technical floors ensure anti-sliding, anti-allergic, anti-static, fireproof properties and does not emanate toxic substances;
  6. Raised technical floors facilitate access to space fitting and refitting;
  7. Raised technical floors are very easy to clean and maintain;
  8. Raised technical floors reduce maintenance expenses for the building and installations;
  9. Raised technical floors are the ideal support for building projects whose execution must be performed in an accelerated rhythm and implies frequent and long use.

Being manufactured in Romania, Quattro Pavimente Tehnice floors can be delivered in a very short period of time, to any location in the country, for any order.

Wood conglomerate panel (PAL)
Calcium sulfate panel


Antistatic plastic rolled products


Structure is the carrying element of the panel. The type of structure is set depending on the height of the space ...


Represent the solution for problems such as:
• distribution/absorption of heat in technical spaces;


The specifications comprising the surface sizes, mounting heights, axes, treading finishing and other ...